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Medico-Legal Consultancy Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction – All reasonable measures are taken to maintain the privacy of information provided to us by you in the provision of legal advice and the management of your matter. Medico-Legal Consultancy is bound by legislation at a state and commonwealth level which sets out the acceptable parameters for the collection, storage, management and use of your data considered to be personal, health or sensitive information which can identify you or might reasonably used to identify you. 
  2. The relevant legislation is the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 as well as other NSW legislation and regulations. Under these laws information may be defined as personal, health or sensitive data. 
  1. In this policy we, us or our refers to Medico-Legal Consultancy ABN 82721931507. This policy outlines our commitment to the maintenance of your privacy through the information we collect about you which identifies or may reasonably be used to identify you. Medico-legal consultancy will collect your personal information via our website and through our correspondence with you either in person or electronically. The Policy should be read in conjunction with the terms of use of our website. Data transmitted via the internet may not be secure. Medico-legal consultancy cannot be held liable for any data transmitted via the internet. 

What information is collected?

We will collect personal information from you. This includes but is not limited to your name, address, email, and other contact details including professional and work details. Also, your age and / or date of birth. We will also collect financial and billing information. We may ask for and collect other personal information about you from yourself or third parties if and when it is necessary to do so. We may also collect personal information from websites and associated social media applications if you enable access. We enable Cookies on our website for Google Analytics. 

  1. Do we collect Health Information?

Depending upon the scope of the retainer and if your matter requires collection of health information, we may collect health information about you from hospitals or clinics or health practitioners for the purpose of advising you or to progress your matter. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that you are aware of our collection of your of health data which necessarily includes obtaining your written consent.

  1. Do we collect sensitive information? Sensitive information will only be collected by us from you if required by us to advance your matter under the agreed scope of work and with your consent. Sensitive information can include but is not limited to your religious beliefs or sexual orientation. 
  1. Any other personal, health or sensitive data we collect about you from a third party will only be collected and stored by us if it is required for the conduct of your matter. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure you are aware of the information we have collected about you from any third parties. 
  1. Storage or Personal data. All reasonable care will be taken to ensure the security of your data and that it remains protected. 
  1. Right to ensure accuracy and right of access. You have a right to ensure that the data we keep about you is accurate and up to date. We may request you to update the personal information we keep about you. You also have a right to access this information and request it be amended or deleted. Requests to access data may incur a fee for searching or copying data. 
  1. Requirement to delete personal information once it is no longer required. There is a legal obligation to retain some files for a period of 7 years or longer.
  1. Sharing your information with any third parties. We may disclose personal information to third party service providers for the purpose of service provision. This may include but is not limited to barristers, solicitors, consultants, experts, administrative service providers and internet or Information technology service providers. We may also share your information with courts, tribunals and regulatory bodies or law enforcement personnel or other entities as required in good faith or by law. We may also share your personal information with other bodies in pursuit of fees owed. 
  1. Collection of information from overseas entities or transfer of your personal information outside of Australia. If you are located overseas Medico-Legal Consultancy has an obligation to comply with data protection obligations as set out in the Privacy Act Cth 1988. If we provide services to businesses located in the European Union (EU) or monitor the behaviour of residents of the EU we have an obligation to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as set by the EU. 
  1. Disclosure to others only under law if compelled to do so. Information including personal information you provide to us for the purpose of providing legal advice is absolutely confidential. This duty of confidentiality is imposed by the Legal Profession Uniform Law and the Solicitors rules. 
  2. Inquiries. Questions about this Policy or enquiries for access to personal information held by Medicolegal consultancy should be made to 

Ian McQualter 

phone: 0425267839